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Date Docketed Description Date Due Filed By Notes
04/11/2018 Notice of Appeal Filed Jason B. Gonzalez 0146854
04/11/2018 order appealed
04/11/2018 Notice of Appeal / Acknowledgement letter
04/12/2018 Amended Notice of Appeal Gwen Marshall
04/12/2018 Amended Notice of Appeal Jason B. Gonzalez 0146854 order appealed attached
04/16/2018 Docketing Statement
04/17/2018 Motion For Review Amber Stoner 109281 of order vacating automatic stay and request for expedited treatment
04/17/2018 Appendix Amber Stoner 109281 to motion for review of order vacating automatic stay and request for expedited treatment
04/17/2018 SC Why Mot Should Not Be Granted 04/19/2018     On or before April 19, 2018, Appellee shall show cause why Appellant’s motion for review of order vacating automatic stay, filed April 17, 2018, should not be granted.
04/18/2018 Notice Non-Compliant Appendix 04/28/2018 DISCHARGED
04/18/2018 Appendix Amber Stoner 109281 Amended apndx to motion for review of order vacating automatic stay and request for expedited treatment
04/18/2018 Notice of Appearance Luke Lirot 714836
04/19/2018 Appendix Luke Lirot 714836 to Response
04/19/2018 Notice of Filing Luke Lirot 714836 and request for judicial notice (no cert of serv)
04/19/2018 RESPONSE Luke Lirot 714836 to OSC
04/20/2018 AE/RS Srv Pleading/File SuppCertServ 10dys 04/30/2018      Appellee is directed to serve a copy of his notice of filing and request for judicial notice filed April 19, 2018, on the opposing parties, and file supplemental certificate of service within 10 days of this order which so demonstrates.
04/20/2018 NNCA - Discharge Show Cause
04/20/2018 Notice Luke Lirot 714836 Supp Notice of Cert of Serv
05/01/2018 Miscellaneous Order Granting Upon consideration of Appellant’s motion for review filed April 17, 2018, we quash the trial court’s April 17, 2018, order vacating the automatic stay. The automatic stay is hereby reinstated and shall remain in effect pending the outcome of this appeal. After this panel’s preliminary review of the full wording of the constitutional amendment we determine that Appellee did not sufficiently demonstrate a likelihood of success on the merits as required to justify vacating the automatic governmental stay. Mitchell v. State, 911 So. 2d 1211, 1219 (Fla. 2005). However, we do not intend to preclude full review of the issues on appeal by the merits panel.
05/04/2018 Miscellaneous Motion Luke Lirot 714836 for expedited review
05/07/2018 Notice Jason B. Gonzalez 0146854 of unavailability
05/08/2018 Strike Notice of Unavailability as Unauth      The Court, on its own motion, strikes the appellant's notice of unavailability filed on May 7, 2018, as an unauthorized pleading.
05/11/2018 Miscellaneous Order Granting Appellee’s request for judicial notice filed April 19, 2018, is granted, and the Court takes judicial notice of the attached administrative motion.
05/14/2018 RESPONSE Jason B. Gonzalez 0146854 in opposition to AE's motion for expedited review
05/14/2018 Appendix Jason B. Gonzalez 0146854 to response in opposition to AE's motion for expedited review
05/16/2018 ORIGINAL PETITION ORIGINAL PETITION Invoke all Writs Jurisdiction w/Apndx filed directly w/ FL SC on 5/15/18
05/16/2018 Acknowledged Receipt from Supreme Court ORIGINAL PETITION
05/25/2018 Supreme Court Disposition ORIGINAL PETITION Petition denied.
06/11/2018 Motion SUGGEST T/CERT. CAUSE T/SC Luke Lirot 714836
06/11/2018 Appendix to SUGGEST T/CERT. CAUSE T/SC
06/12/2018 Notice Non-Compliant Appendix 06/22/2018 DISCHARGED
06/14/2018 Appendix Luke Lirot 714836 amended
06/15/2018 NNCA - Discharge Show Cause
06/18/2018 Deny Miscellaneous Motion Appellee’s motion for expedited review filed on May 4, 2018, is denied.
06/18/2018 Mot. for Extension of time to file Initial Brief Amber Stoner 109281
06/18/2018 RESPONSE Amber Stoner 109281 in opposition to AE's Motion SUGGEST T/CERT. CAUSE T/SC
06/19/2018 Received Records Gwen Marshall 796 pages
06/26/2018 Deny Certification of Cause to Supreme Ct Appellee’s suggestion that the judgment be certified as requiring immediate resolution by the Florida Supreme Court filed on June 11, 2018, is denied.
07/06/2018 Grant Initial Brief Extension 08/20/2018     Appellant’s motion for extension of time filed June 18, 2018, is granted. Appellant shall file the initial brief on or before August 20, 2018.
08/07/2018 Motion To File Supplemental Record Amber Stoner 109281
08/14/2018 Grant Motion to Supplement the Record 08/24/2018 Appellant’s motion filed August 7, 2018, seeking to supplement the record on appeal is granted. On or before August 24, 2018, counsel for movant shall ensure preparation and transmittal of a supplemental record by the clerk of the lower tribunal including the Notice of Filing Deposition Transcript in Lieu of Testimony for Hearing; Depositions of Joseph R. Redner, Dustin Sulak, D.O., Alexander E. Sandorf, and Barry M. Gordon, M.D. filed below on December 15, 2017, and the Notice of Filing Deposition Transcript in Lieu of Testimony for Trial; Depositions of Dr. Barry Gordon, Joseph Redner, and Courtney Coppola filed below on March 16, 2018. Time for service of the initial brief is extended to 30 days following transmittal of the supplemental record.
08/20/2018 Supplemental Records Gwen Marshall 363 pages
09/20/2018 Notice of Appearance Rachel E Nordby 0056606
09/20/2018 Initial Brief on Merits Rachel E Nordby 0056606
10/19/2018 Appellee's Answer Brief Luke Lirot 714836
10/23/2018 Motion For Oral Argument Luke Lirot 714836
11/02/2018 Motion To Accept Timely Brief Luke Lirot 714836
11/07/2018 Grant Motion to Accept Answer Brf as Timely 11/27/2018 Appellee’s motion to accept timely brief, filed on November 2, 2018, is granted, and the answer brief filed on October 19, 2018, is hereby accepted by this Court. A reply brief may be filed within 20 days of the date of this order.