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Date Docketed Description Date Due Filed By Notes
05/02/2018 Notice of Appeal Filed Joel Michael Silvershein 0608092
05/02/2018 Acknowledgment Letter
05/03/2018 Motion To Expedite Dana J. Mcelroy 0845906 *AND* CONSOLIDATE
05/03/2018 ORD-Granting Expediting ORDERED that appellees' May 3, 2018 motion to consolidate appeals and for expedited consideration is granted. Case numbers 4D18-1335 and 4D18-1336 are now consolidated and shall proceed under case number 4D18-1335. The parties shall submit an agreed proposed order setting an expedited briefing schedule by 12:00 p.m. on May 4, 2018. The proposed briefing schedule shall indicate whether appellants will file joint or separate briefs.
05/04/2018 Notice of Filing Dana J. Mcelroy 0845906 AGREED PROPOSED ORDER
05/04/2018 Motion To Expedite Dana J. Mcelroy 0845906 PREPARATION OF THE RECORD
05/04/2018 ORD-Setting Briefing Schedule ORDERED that the parties' joint proposed briefing schedule submitted on May 4, 2018 is accepted. Further ORDERED that appellees' May 4, 2018 motion to expedite preparation of the record is granted. The clerk of the lower tribunal and the parties shall abide by the following briefing schedule: a) The Broward County Clerk of Court shall ensure preparation and transmittal of the record on appeal within 7 calendar days of this Order; b) Appellants’ initial briefs shall be filed no later than 10 calendar days after the record on appeal is prepared and transmitted; c) Appellees’ answer brief shall be filed no later than 10 calendar days after both of initial briefs are filed; and d) Appellants' reply briefs shall be filed no later than 7 calendar days after the answer brief is filed. Appellants will file separate briefs. Further ORDERED that no extensions of time will be granted absent extraordinary circumstances. Further ORDERED that Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.514(b) does not apply to this briefing schedule. No extra days will be added to the briefing schedule for service by mail or e-mail. Rule 2.514(a) continues to apply.
05/10/2018 Received Records Clerk Broward CC01 (538 PAGES)
05/14/2018 Order to Show Cause Upon consideration of appellant The School Board of Broward County's May 10, 2018 notice of related case, it is ORDERED sua sponte that appellant School Board of Broward County shall show cause in writing, on or before Wednesday, May 16, 2018, why case numbers 4D18-1335 and 4D18-1421 should not be consolidated, and to indicate whether the cases should be consolidated for all purposes or for designation to the same appellate panel and why. If consolidation for all purposes is appropriate, the appellant shall indicate whether briefing should be combined or kept separate and provide a briefing schedule. Appellees in both 4D18-1421 and consolidated case number 4D18-1335 may file a reply on or before Thursday, May 17, 2018.
05/14/2018 Motion To File Supplemental Record Dana J. Mcelroy 0845906
05/14/2018 Motion To Compel Debra Klauber 0055646
05/15/2018 Order Granting Motion to Supplement the Record ORDERED that appellees' May 14, 2018 motion to supplement the record is granted. Appellees shall file an appendix with this Court containing the materials referenced in this Motion within one (1) day of the entry of this order.
05/15/2018 ORD-Granting Motion to Compel ORDERED that appellant, the School Board of Broward County's May 14, 2018 Unopposed Motion for an Order Compelling Video Surveillance to be Filed Under Seal is granted. The Broward County Sheriff's Office ("BSO") shall file the video surveillance that was reviewed by the trial court, in camera, in this Court, under seal, within seven (7) days from the date of this order. The BSO shall designate a single point of contact to communicate with the Clerk of the Court, Lonn Weissblum, to arrange for the hand-delivery and return of the video, and shall file a notice in this court within two (2) days from the date of this order designating the single point of contact and providing the telephone number for the designated point of contact.
05/15/2018 Notice of Filing Dana J. Mcelroy 0845906 APPENDIX SUPPLEMENTING RECORD ON APPEAL
05/15/2018 Supplemental Records Dana J. Mcelroy 0845906 (APPENDIX SUPPLEMENTING RECORD ON APPEAL)
05/16/2018 Received Exhibits ONE (1) ENVELOPE - THREE (3) DVDS: REDACTED EXTERIOR MSD 3/15/18; WSVN NEWS BROADCAST 2/22/18; WSVN NEWS BROADCAST 2/23/18
05/16/2018 RESPONSE TO ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE Debra Klauber 0055646
05/16/2018 REPLY Dana J. Mcelroy 0845906
05/17/2018 Notice David L. Ferguson 0981737 OF DESIGNATION
05/17/2018 REPLY Joel Michael Silvershein 0608092
05/18/2018 Miscellaneous Order Upon consideration of the parties’ responses to this court’s May 14, 2018 order to show cause, it is ORDERED that case number 4D18-1421 shall proceed separately from case number 4D18-1335 and will not be consolidated. Case number 4D18-1335 shall remain consolidated with case number 4D18-1336 and will follow the briefing schedule pursuant to this court’s May 4, 2018 order.
05/21/2018 Initial Brief on Merits Debra Klauber 0055646 (SCHOOL BOARD OF BROWARD COUNTY)
05/21/2018 Initial Brief on Merits Joel Michael Silvershein 0608092 (STATE ATTORNEY'S OFFICE OF THE SEVENTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT)
05/22/2018 Received Exhibits **SEALED PER MAY 15, 2018 ORDER** ONE (1) ENVELOPE - (1 USB DRIVE)
05/23/2018 Notice David L. Ferguson 0981737 OF COMPLIANCE WITH COURT ORDER DATED MAY 14, 2018
05/31/2018 Appellee's Answer Brief Dana J. Mcelroy 0845906
05/31/2018 Motion For Attorney's Fees Dana J. Mcelroy 0845906 (RESPONSE FILED 6/07/18)
06/07/2018 Appellant's Reply Brief Debra Klauber 0055646 (SCHOOL BOARD OF BROWARD COUNTY)
06/07/2018 Request for Oral Argument
06/08/2018 Appellant's Reply Brief Joel Michael Silvershein 0608092 (STATE ATTORNEY'S OFFICE OF THE SEVENTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF FLORIDA)
06/11/2018 ORD-Setting Oral Argument This case is set for Oral Argument on July 10, 2018, at 11:00 A.M. for 15 minutes per side. The parties are advised that the oral argument will occur at the new Fourth District Court of Appeal Courthouse at 110 S. Tamarind Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33401. The court calendars can be viewed on this court's website at  HYPERLINK "http://www.4dca.org" www.4dca.org. Attorneys not registered with this court’s eDCA and pro se parties are required to file a "Notice of Receipt of Oral Argument" within ten (10) days from the date of this order, acknowledging they have received this order.
07/03/2018 Miscellaneous Motion Debra Klauber 0055646 SCHOOL BOARD'S REQUEST FOR ADDITIONAL TIME FOR ORAL ARGUMENT
07/05/2018 Miscellaneous Order ORDERED that the School Board of Broward County's July 3, 2018 request for additional time for oral argument is granted. The school board and the state attorney's office shall each receive 15 minutes for oral argument, and the appellees shall receive 30 minutes for oral argument.
07/10/2018 Oral Argument Date Set 4DCA